No slot with a token was found

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Users can list and read PINs, keys and certificates stored on the token. ... --list- slots, -L Display a list of available slots on the token. ... PKCS#11 module into debug mode, set the OPENSC_DEBUG environment variable to a non-zero number.

Getting 'No slot with a token was found' for ePass2003Auto. / Помогите, не создаётся сертификат. Ошибка Java,… 1252450685125 [PKCS11] No slot with token found 1252450685125[Secto] java.lang.NullPointerException.У них в доках написано про getSlots что Method returning a Collection of iaik.pkcs.pkcs11. Slot. * (тобишь возвращает коллекцию) и Returns: Collection of... Как решить проблему с no token found при... — "labels":{"instance":"server01:8001","job":"some_metrics"‌ },"scrapeUrl":"serve‌ r01:8001/metrics","l‌ astError":"no token found","lastScrape":"2017-12-19T12:15:20.826915394+03:00","h‌ ealth":"down"}]}. Как решить эту проблему? Вопрос задан более года назад.

Working on a lab firewall today to test some FortiToken stuff and when trying to associate one of the FortiToken Mobile trial tokens to a user I get this error:Unable to provision mobile token FTKMOBxxxxxxxxxx with forticareI contacted TAC and they state that you must have an active support contract...

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6 people found this helpful.Select the token / smart card from the list of existing devices under " Token slots".A dialogue appears to confirm the action once the PIN has been set and the token was unblocked: "The User PIN was successfully initialized (token was unblocked)".

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"Loan Token Not Found" message while using downloaded books from Overdrive submitted 1 year ago by mc5142 I have a Nook Simple Touch and wanted to try and read downloaded books from OverDrive; however, overtime I try to add a book to my Nook via Adobe Digital Editions, I get a "Loan Token Not Found" message.

Certificate and keys on token: Using slot 0 with a present token (0x0) Public Key Object; RSA 2048 bits label: client-klientTest ID: 78ced55dd8d5cb64 Usage: encrypt, verify, wrap.When I compile strongswan 5.1.2 yourself from source code, there is no problem and the token is found dynamically.

Issue No. 8 features work by Kristen Arnett, K Ming Chang, Alex McElroy, Omotara James, Esteban del Valle and more!

Our First Slots Race! Share 50 Million Tokens | Player News The token wagers are way to high for me to be able to play without going broke buying a whole bunch more tokens. Seems like you will have to bet high on this promo.- Time Travel Slots (which is one of my favorite games) to come up with enough points 50,000 win tokens = 1 point, to get high enough of the points to get any tokens in return. Wow!!! Log into Facebook | Facebook Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Tokens - Nevada Casino Collection - Google This $2 token is from Venetian Restaurant. This is a "Route Token" and is used by a non-casino establishment with slot machines only. On the back of the token is the name of the company that maintains the slot machine, in this case it's Southwest Gaming. The mintmark is GDC and it was approved by Nevada Gaming in 1997.