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DECK REGISTRATION SHEET Number Card Name DECK Player Name: DCI #: Date: Tournament Title: Tournament Type: City: State/Province: Country: Use English-language card names only.

a Magic: The Gathering poker deck; one Italian-language Legends booster pack; a six-issue subscription to The Duelist Sideboard; a commemorative 1997 World Championships limited-edition prepaid phone card (only for members who joined or renewed before September 1, 1997) DCI Legends Membership Card name a card | Tom's Hardware Forum > Magic card. Not one from a poker deck, Legend of the Five Rings, Yu-Gi-Oh, > Heresy, XXXenoPhilE, etc. The relevant consideration here being, of course, "the name of an existing Magic card". The game Illuminati: New World Order happens to include cards with names like Clone and Counterspell and Earthquake; Counterspell at StarCityGames.com! Season One SCG Points. 1: Matthew Dilks: 106: 2: Abe Corrigan: 98: 3: Dominic Harvey: 92: 4: Austin Collins: 88: 5: Tariq Patel

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Sets - Cardsphere An online marketplace for trading and selling Magic: the Gathering cards. TOURNAMENT RULES - Wizards Corporate DCI™ Universal Tournament Rules 1999–2000 Tournament Season Effective October 1, 1999 New players must register for DCI membership at their first tournament. Players may only have one DCI number. ... Wizards of the Coast, Inc. reserves the right to publish event information such as the contents of a player’s deck as well as transcripts

The DCI Legend membership poker deck was rewarded for joining the DCI Legend membership program. It consists of 52 standard playing cards plus 2 jokers for a total of 54 cards and uses regular Magic backsides. It was printed by the Yaquinto Playing cards Company based in Dallas, Texas.

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Season One SCG Points. 1: Matthew Dilks: 106: 2: Abe Corrigan: 98: 3: Dominic Harvey: 92: 4: Austin Collins: 88: 5: Tariq Patel

If you know your DCI number: You may continue to use your DCI number for most events, even without having a Wizards Account. We do, however, recommend you go to accounts.wizards.com to either activate a Wizards Account or to make sure that it is linked to your preferred DCI number. If you have any trouble, contact customer service.

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